CVARR makes partnership our priority because we know that substance use outcomes effect us all from the individual, to the family, to the organizations and groups that make up our communithy. With power in number, we are able to collaborate effectively, capitalize on resources, coordinate effective action, and develop plans for innovative intervention between the multi-sector environments that provide the foundation for our community. We recognize that the work being accomplished within each sector of our community overlaps in more ways than one and we want to extend our combined resources to the families and citizens you serve every day. 

It is your commitment to excellence that lies at the very heart of what we hope to accomplish as a Community Coalition. We value your place in the community, your experiences, and your unique perspective. We appreciate the importance of diversity in background, expertise, and interest in our fight to prevent addiction and substance use. Those who join our call for partnership will find an open invitation to be a contributing member of our decision making process and difference maker in our community. Join us at our next coalition meeting.

Monthly CVARR Meetings

  • WHEN: The First Tuesday of every month from 5:30pm-7:00pm
  • WHERE: The Lynchburg Health Department: 307 Alleghany Avenue Lynchburg, VA 24501

Monthly Coalition Meetings CVARR meetings welcome the general public to participate in our monthly discussion and action-network created to advance the work of prevention, treatment and recovery as it pertains to substance use in our community.

Within the large group discussion all coalition members are encouraged to ask questions, propose innovative changes, and offer valuable insight and updates to the discussion.

Task Force discussions are broken up into the three CVARR focus groups: prevention, treatment, and recovery, where action plans and initiatives are brought forward, outlined, and carried out on a monthly basis. All participants are encouraged to contribute to the completion of tasks discussed and mindfully develop long term action plans to accomplish task force goals.

To learn more about what partners of CVARR are doing in your community today and how becoming a member can benefit your organization or establishment, connect with us at