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Our Address

137 Laxton Rd. Suite 200 Lynchburg, VA 24502


37.3471521, -79.2355552



The overarching goal of the Rosebrook Counseling Center is to provide an environment where clients and clinicians experience more kindness, contentment and satisfaction in their lives.
We are committed to being a practice where clients are treated with unconditional positive regard in a respectful and warm-hearted environment.
Where experienced therapists continue learning and growing, and share their knowledge and perspectives with their clients and colleagues. And where the wonderful energy of newer clinicians is valued, respected and nurtured.
Where clients learn more about themselves, untie the knots of past and present sorrows and traumas, choose to regard themselves with respect and gentleness, engage in healthier relationships, discover insights and energies that may be dormant or suppressed, and explore positive approaches to their own health with a greater understanding of the connections between physical and mental health.
We work together on what you want to work on, at your pace. We serve youth/teens, adults and elders.  We provide individual therapy, couples counseling, and family therapy.  Group therapy, workshops and educational programs will also be available this year.