CVARR exists because solving local challenges requires local resources, support and solutions. We recognize that a safe and healthy community must be built from the ground up. For this reason, CVARR has been very intentional and strategic in the formation of a strong foundational structure for the work of the coalition as we seek to solve our region’s substance use challenges.

A Strong Foundation

Based on a compendium of community data gathered from several community resources, our committee has tirelessly worked to build a long lasting foundation for the future work of CVARR. Upon completion of a Strategic Planning Session, CVARR emerged with a Strategic Action Plan, concrete By-Laws, and three identifiable taskforces to maximize the progression and capacity building of CVARR in the community.

To advance us in the pursuit of our shared vision, CVARR combined its organizational and individual member resources to expand our community reach with the creation of grant proposals. As an honored recipient of the federal Drug Free Community grant, we are eager to strategically pour out our robust resources into our community and continue to apply for more funding in the coming years using the community data we have diligently assembled. We are constantly seeking out new local, state, and federal funding sources to support our efforts in substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery. As the single DFC grant recipient across the state of Virginia for 2019, CVARR has been awarded the funds necessary to catapult the foundational work of the coalition into an action-oriented and results-focused network! Our foundation is built on an organizational approach to ensure sustained progress and continued growth throughout the life of the coalition. For structure and support in decision-making and action planning, we lean on our governing documents, coalition-structured leadership team, sector representatives, organizational members and guidance from the Strategic Prevention Framework and Strategies for Community Change Model.