CVARR, the Central Virginia Addiction, and Recovery Resources Coalition, consists of concerned practitioners and citizens who have embraced the common vision and mission of those seeking help with substance abuse and recovery.  By developing a substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery network, CVARR identifies gaps in services, prioritizes resources, and reduces the impact of use on individuals, families and the greater community.

We believe in the power of collaborative problem solving and empowering grassroots efforts to solve our community’s substance use challenges. By bringing together organizations and citizens from across sectors, CVARR helps our community maximize resources, support, and solutions.

CVARR has active members from the twelve Drug Free Communities Sectors. We represent our community’s youth, parents, businesses, media, schools, state / local government, youth serving organizations, religious, civic / volunteer groups, healthcare, law enforcement, and other alcohol, tobacco & other drug organizations committed to the development of trust, transparency, and transfer of knowledge to advance our mission through action, education, and collaboration..


The mission of Central Virginia Addiction and Recovery Resources is to engage our community in the reduction of substance use through education and collaboration.


The vision of Central Virginia Addiction and Recovery Resources is to promote a safe and healthier community for all.