With community support and interest, CVARR is positioned to become the lead resource for advancing community conditions, norms, systems, and policies for substance use, prevention, treatment, and recovery in Central Virginia. All members are committed to the development of trust, transparency, and transfer of knowledge to advance our mission.

Central Virginia Addiction and Recovery Resources

Meets the First Tuesday of month at the Lynchburg Health Dept. from 5:30-7:00 pm.

To learn more about what partners of CVARR are doing in your community today, connect with a person of contact below.

Coalition Chair: Melissa Rolfes

  • Email: Melissa.Rolfes@centrahealth.com
  • Phone: 434-316-8550

Coalition Strategic Planner: Januwaa Davis

Coalition Coordinator: Gabriella Delbo

  • Email: gabriella.delbo@horizonbh.org
  • Phone: 434-455-3552

Coalition Secretary: Karina Hobbs

  • Email: karinahobbs@roads2recovery.org
  • Phone: 434-944-8931

Prevention Lead: Christy Meeks

  • Email: Christymeeks69@gmail.com

Treatment Lead: Rhonda Turner

  • Email: Rhonda.Turner@horizonbh.org

Recovery Lead: Jeffrey Fulmer

  • Email: Jeffrey.Fulmer@horizonbh.org

Provider Lead: Mandy Cocke

  • Email: Mandy.Cocke@orthovirginia.com

Fiscal Agent: Nyomi Tarpley

  • Email: Nyomi.Tarpley@Communityaccessnetwork.org