Parents focus on underage drinking

Youth focus on underage drinking


The Central Virginia Addiction & Recovery Resources Coalition, CVARR, was created to help foster a community-wide approach to stop addiction and promote recovery and healthy lifestyles across the central Virginia Region. Our goal is to connect people with the resources they need to find their own path to treatment and recovery.

Central Virginia Addiction and Recovery Resources believes in the power of collaborative problem solving and grassroots efforts to solve our community’s substance use challenges. By bringing organizations, and citizens from across sectors together, CVARR helps our community maximize resources, support, and solutions.

CVARR has active members from the twelve Drug-Free Communities Sectors; youth, parents, business, media, schools, state / local government, youth-serving organizations, religious, civic / volunteer groups, healthcare, law enforcement, and other alcohol, tobacco & other drug organizations.  All members are committed to the development of trust, transparency, and transfer of knowledge to advance our mission.

With community support and interest, CVARR is positioned to become the lead resource for advancing community conditions, norms, systems and policies for substance use prevention, treatment and recovery in Central Virginia.

Proud Members of the National Drug Free Communities (DFC) Program

As the single recipient of the highly competitive DFC Grant across Virginia in 2019, CVARR is entrusted with the responsibility of dealing with emerging drug trends in our region, such as methamphetamine, prescription drug misuse and synthetic drug use, by capitalizing on our organized infrastructure, data-driven interventions, and comprehensive, multi-sector approach to community-driven problem solving. As a nationally recognized and federally funded community coalition, CVARR is confident in the pursuit of our mission and ready to rise to the challenge of this coming years’ goals and objectives for prevention, treatment and recovery! More information on the DFC can be found under ‘Why We Exist’.

The Drug Free Communities Support Program is nationally recognized for its success in achieving reduced drug use and misuses in communities throughout the country to levels lower than the national average. Administered by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, this program was created under the Drug-Free Communities Act of 1997 to support and efficiently implement the Nation’s drug policy efforts. The DFC is the Nation’s leading effort to mobilize communities to prevent youth substance use by provides grants to community coalitions to strengthen the infrastructure among local partners to create and sustain a reduction in local youth substance use.

Core measure findings from the 2018 National Evaluation End-of-the-Year Report found that substance use/misuse declined significantly for youth living in DFC-funded communities since the inception of the grant in 2017. More youth reported past 30 day non-use, and thousands of additional youth made the choice not to use a given substance. Yearly, data is collected to evaluate program success and substance use trends among our youth involving tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, and marijuana consumption.