With refined deliberation, our coalition has chosen to simplify our goals and objectives, by identifying priorities for CVARR for the year 2021. These priorities guide and propel the work of our prevention, treatment and recovery workgroups, as we implement individual action plans that focus on the five objectives listed below:

Increase and Enhance Membership to Our Coalition

With the COVID pandemic in 2020 we saw a decline in attendance and participation. Our goal is to replenish and enhance our membership so we can continue this important work. Our coalition has many opportunities to serve the community, but we can’t do this work without a diverse and involved group of coalition members!

Provide Education About and Increase Awareness of Harm Reduction for Marijuana Legalization

Virginia has recently legalized the use of marijuana for adults 21 and over. Rather than taking a stance on whether this policy change is “right or wrong,” we see this as an opportunity to educate our community on prevention for youth and harm reduction. CVARR will be facilitating and hosting many educational events on this subject over the next year.

Improve Access to Local Substance Use Disorder Treatment

We’ve identified the need for better access to long-term and short-term treatment options for those struggling with Substance Use Disorders. This year we will be focusing on initiatives that will bring more treatment opportunities to our community, starting with presenting qualitative and quantitative data to the necessary people through CEO and legislative round tables.

Reduce Stigma Around Substance Use Disorders

We recognize that there is a great deal of stigma for those who are struggling with and in recovery from a Substance Use Disorder, much of which is inadvertently rooted in the language that we use. Our coalition is actively committed to reducing stigma through education, as well as supporting each other in improving what we say and how we say it.

Provide Support to The COVE

Out of our Recovery workgroup has grown the The ReCOVEry Café, also known as The Cove. Currently offered the first Friday evening of every month, the Cove is a supportive community where those in recovery can gather, relax, and connect. Due to its success and growing numbers, the coalition hopes to expand the COVE and offer multiple events in different locations throughout the month.