Partnerships United Under One Mission and Vision

       CVARR makes partnership our priority. With power in number, we are able to collaborate effectively, capitalize on resources, coordinate effective action, and develop plans for innovative intervention between the multi-sector environments that provide the foundation for our community. We recognize that the work being accomplished within each sector of our community overlaps in more ways than one and we want to extent our combined resources to the families and citizens you serve every day.

       We believe in the power of collaborative problem solving and grassroots efforts to solve our community’s substance use challenges. By bringing organizations and citizens from across all 12 community sectors together, CVARR empowers our neighborhoods by maximizing resources, improving access to care, options for support, and solutions.

Benefits of a Coalition

• Heightened access of fiscal, relational, and physical resources • Strengthened referral systems • Capitalizing on strengths of stakeholders and reducing burn out through work sharing • Heightened perspective of stakeholders by exposing needs across arenas • Enhanced capacity for long lasting reach in the community • Increased impact of each organization’s effort • Development of power base to better defend the interests of our community members. • Capacity to alter the future course of substance use in our region • Eliminated duplication of efforts between community providers • Improved communication among key players.