Our coalition utilizes foundational concepts created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration(SAMHSA) to plan and organize effective community level efforts. Based on the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), the Coalition follows a five step approach to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use in our region while also enuring sustainability and cultural competence. It is our priority to make sure that the backbone of all of our efforts are data driven, dynamic, focused on population-level change, intended to guide efforts for people of all ages, and reliant on a team approach.

The 5 Steps to the SPF

1. Assessment: Profile the population needs, resources& readiness to address needs & gaps

2. Capacity: Mobilize and/or build capacity to address needs

3. Planning: Develop a comprehensive strategic plan to elicit change through partnership & outreach

4. Implementation: Implement evidence-based prevention programs & activities with fidelity

5. Evaluation: Monitor, evaluate, sustain and improve or replace to achieve sustained long-term goals